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Since 2002 Al Jawal offer different types of high-quality car parking shades for residential and commercial purposes all over in Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi UAE. We use only high-quality shades that are made to perform longer and protect your vehicle from the sun rays.

Al Jawal Tents LLC is a leading manufacturers, supplier and installer of superior quality Car Parking Sun Shade structures for a varied range of applications. One of the most beautiful features of tensile car park shade structures is that they easily cover large areas and Structures with custom sizes and structures, provided by us to meet with your expectations for a multi-purpose structure anywhere and at anytime.

We was established since 2002 as a market leader in the Shrajah UAE for the manufacturer and supplier of car parking shades and canopy. We are proud of our excellent reputation for good quality services.

Our Application Areas
Government Office & Private Offices
Shopping Malls & Grocery Shops
Households & Swimming Pools
Beaches & Resorts
Kids Play Area & Sittings

Al Jawal Tents LLC is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality shading solutions in Sharjah, Dubai, and all UAE States. Our product range includes:

Types of Car Parking Shades!
Car Parking Shades
Tensile Sun shades
Tents & Canopy
Architectural Umbrellas
Parking Shades
Shade Sails
Kids Play Area Shades
Single Pole Canopy Shades
Colored Shade
School Play Area Shades
Parking Shade Cover
Seating Area Shades
Cabana Canopy Tents
Awning Shades

Car Parking Shade Design

Al Jawal Tents LLC car parking shades are very durable for Sharjah UAE GCC weather condition and supply 100% shades to the cars which will maintain interior, glow, and shine of car for an extended time. We provide both custom size and standard size car parking shades with all necessary structure and fabric calculation of shades.

Our Shades type can be installed individually or in series form depending upon the specified plan layout for the shade. With PVC Fabric and HDPE material our shade installation includes variety of designs that are available in standard size and also custom size for client need. Al Jawal Tents LLC car parking shade protect your cars from UV rays and provide your vehicle good shade in UAE’s Weather. With 1000+ Projects and plenty of Designs, Mister Shade ranks top in the Car parking shades suppliers in UAE.

RCC Foundation of car parking sheds!

The function of any foundation is to safely sustain to the ground on which it rests the combined dead, imposed and wind loads in such a manner as not to cause any settlement or other movement which would impair the stability or cause damage to any part of the Car Parking Shed.

Why Car Parking Shades is Important ?

It is common important reason that parking shade is required. Shade structure reduces exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sun rays also can emit UV rays during cloudy or cooler weather. These UV rays are very intense and may fade up the designed color of your car. Additionally, these rays can raise the temperature of car engine beyond the bounds during summer. Parking shade blocks these UV rays during office hours to supply the owner comfortable and classy ride.

Looking for Canopy and Sun Shades Supplier and Manufacturer Company?

If you looking for a car parking sun shades and canopy suppliers and manufacturer company in Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE then you are in the right place. Al Jawal Tents LLC is manufacturer and supplier of car parking shades and canopy since 2003.